method for decrease electricity bills    method for decrease electricity bills    method for decrease electricity bills
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Capacitor banks
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    We can give you a free consultation for decrease the electrical energy costs. ELNESS SRL is a Romanian company having relevant expertise in the quality of electric energy industry field and owning a leading position on the Romanian market in low and medium voltage power factor correction. Our products are built with professionalism and good quality, we offer first class solutions for the reduction of costs of reactive energy in industrial main power systems.

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    Our team have 28 years of experience in designing and implementation of electrotechnical projects. Our engineers worked for many years at Electroputere Craiova Research and Development Institute. We designed and realized the biggest capacitor banks with harmonics filtering from Romania. It is for Alro Slatina Romania a Vimetco Group Company, the largest aluminum producer in Central and Eastern Europe. There are four 7MVAr/6kV capacitor banks with 5th and 7th harmonics filters each of them.

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How to Reduce Energy Bills

How to Reduce Energy Bills

In this article you will learn how to reduce your energy bills by improving the so-called power factor, also known as cos phi (denoted by cos ø). I have written this presentation so as to make myself understood to a larger audience, including non-specialists. I have to apologize for sometimes not living up to the specialists' expectations, but I believe that would be beyond the purpose of this article..

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What Power Factor Correction Really Is

What Power Factor Correction Really Is

In this article I will try to explain power factor correction in plain language. I have tried, as much as possible, to avoid the usual specialized vocabulary or technical jargon. My aim is to convey how important is to take the necessary measures to correct the power factor in your company. Power factor correction will not only reduce your energy bills and save you money, but will also have positive effects on the environment.

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harmonic filter capacitor bank

About Electricity Saving Box

You can find many demonstations about how it work this "wonderful" box. I see some of them on youtube. You can find persons that make a current measurement without conected box and with conected box. All is true, but they not talk about the amper meter indication that is the total current (aparent current how is named in electrotehnical books). This curreant is vectorial sum of active current that you pay and reactive current that is not payed.

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power factor capacitor sizing

Sizing by you the Capacitor bank

You must know that every plant can have a electrical consum that is specific. In this case a little business will have no more energy consumed. On the other hand a big plant will have need more energy to be consumed. This fact make a particularity for every consumer. The question is how the beneficiary know what he need. You can find bellow an algoritm that we hope will be useful.

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